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4 shocking facts about fish farms

4 shocking facts about fish farms

Fact 4 may change your shopping habits

SQUAD GOALS - join the women saving America

SQUAD GOALS - join the women saving America

Is female leadership the solution to toxic masculinity and resurgent fascism?

Resistance sparks at El Prat Airport

Resistance sparks at El Prat Airport

“Degrowth of Aviation” Conference ends today – Action at Barcelona Airport draws red line for aviation and mass tourism

How to take corporations down for the criminal destruction of our planet

How to take corporations down for the criminal destruction of our planet

Honouring Polly Higgins: Jojo Mehta & Gail Bradbrook (founder - Extinction Rebellion)

Trees to the rescue

Trees to the rescue

Restoration of Earth’s forests could capture two-thirds of man-made carbon emissions



Premium climate emergency agitprop theater directors had the tree-destroying, multi-million pound company Amey voiced by a sex-doll

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4 shocking facts about fish farms

Fact 4 may change your shopping habits

Did you know that over 50% of fish consumed globally comes from fish farms? Check out this video for 4 SHOCKING FACTS about FISH FARMS that you NEED to know! (Video from Plant Based News)

Today, campaigners call for urgent investigation of all Scottish salmon farms to prevent “summer surge of deaths.” Next week, campaigners will deliver a 40,000-signature petition to the Scottish government calling for emergency inspections of all commercial salmon farming operations.

The petition, by consumer watchdog SumOfUs, cites evidence of serious welfare abuses at some of Scotland’s salmon farms. Campaigners are demanding urgent action because sea temperatures rise over summer months, further increasing the likelihood of disease among salmon populations.

Secret footage of caged salmon near Loch Shieldaig, captured last month by salmon welfare campaigner Don Staniford, forced Marine Scotland to carry out an emergency inspection.

For years, we’ve known that Scottish salmon cultivation is as horrific as battery farming. Recent footage of the terrible conditions on salmon farms shows that the problem is only getting worse,

said Anna Liberadzki, Campaigner at SumOfUs .

As long as the megacorporations who own Scotland’s salmon farms can get away with it, they will allow the fish to suffer, while raking in huge profits for a so-called ‘sustainable’ product. Marine Scotland must step in. The alternative is a summer surge of salmon deaths and disease,

Anna Liberadzki said.

Don Staniford, Director of Scottish Salmon Watch , said:

Salmon farming is a welfare nightmare. We know from the Scottish government’s own surveillance that Scotland’s salmon farms are riddled with infectious diseases, pathogens and viruses. Unannounced inspections of salmon farms are urgently needed to prevent further mass mortalities and welfare abuse.

In October 2018, in a response to a parliamentary question, Fergus Ewing, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy, revealed that there had been only two unannounced site inspections of fish farms "in the last year". The Fish Health Inspectorate has a statutory requirement to carry out “unannounced site inspections” .

A flotilla protest against welfare abuses on Scottish salmon farms, organised by Scottish Salmon Watch, will take place on 1 September at various locations on the west coast of Scotland.

Sign the petition here - Salmon Emergency

Find out more about fish and fish farms at - Rethink.Fish


SQUAD GOALS - join the women saving America

Is female leadership the solution to toxic masculinity and resurgent fascism?

Love, acceptance and inclusivity is the only way out of the gruesome mess created by toxic masculinity.

I remember crying on the morning I found out Trump was elected. The impending sense of doom, the sadness of what would be lost; any hope I had for the replenishment of the environment - destroyed, and the disturbing uncertainty of the future for my children who have yet to be born.

Since his election, many have become numb to the hatefulness occurring in the world. We are no longer shocked by the racism, misogyny, homophobia, judgement, poisonous words, and the harshness with which the politicians conduct themselves. The more desensitised we become, the less we get in the way and the less we want to stand up for what’s right.

As we deplete our resources, and we live out every day diminishing the earth’s potential to heal itself, the feeling of abundance disintegrates, and in turn fear deepens, and the masculine desire to extract, take and conquer overrides softness, rationale and inclusivity.

The kind of toxic masculinity we are referring to are embodied in the words and actions of the: Putins, Boris’, Bolsanaros, Trumps, Bannons and Palins of the world; enforcing fascist and divisive policies that drive fear and exclusion.

Feminine rising

Yet, in the midst of all this toxic noise, the strength of the feminine has prevailed. In culture, in politics, in entertainment, women are showing the F*** up, and they are showing up for EVERYONE. Showing up for everyone is what the power of the feminine is all about. Women of colour in particular are the ones we need to listen to. Women of colour have had to work the hardest to find equal opportunity and have spent generations upon generations facing opposition and obstacles simply to be heard.

So when they show up, we listen.

It’s not a coincidence that the most copies of any book sold in the world last year was Becoming, by Michelle Obama.

Who are these women?

This week the emergence of “The Squad” - a group of liberal congresswoman in the US senate - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota - are a shining example of feminine leadership to be acknowledged, supported and celebrated. They made headlines and have been further pushed into the spotlight as beacons of integrity after being attacked with blatant racial abuse from Trump this week. They responded in the classiest way, by not taking the bait. Pressley said -

“This is a disruptive distraction from the issues of care, concern and consequence to the American people that we were sent here with a decisive mandate from our constituents to work on...”

These women are showing up for women, for men, for minorities, for LGBTQ, for the future of our children, and in the process they are showing up for our beloved planet earth. Their policies mean education, equal opportunity, climate change and the earth’s degradation are pushed to the forefront of their political agendas.

Ocasio tweeted:

Environmental justice isn’t solely about climate change. Just look at:

  • Flint water
  • Bronx air
  • Appalachian mining towns
  • Fed response to Hurricanes María+Katrina
  • To see that economic and social inequity plays out everywhere - including air + water.

It is not an understatement to say that the current array of the world’s most powerful (male) leaders are less than concerned for the wellbeing of the Earth, and the wellbeing of humanity than they are for the health and vitality of the Multi National Corporations, that they own or have shares in. The propensity of these men to exclude all those in society who do not contribute to further their acquisition of power, are left behind.

The voices and power behind women like those in “The Squad” are the ones who, in the midst of the public’s numbness, despair and subsequent apathy, will fight for inclusivity, for policies, for people and for actions which will improve the state of our environment.

Marianne Williamson is another woman vibrantly bringing the energy of the feminine into the American political sphere. She is not only championing the policies we so desperately need but is bringing the element of the human and the soul into the political discourse, she says:

“Life is made up of two dimensions: things on the outside and things on the inside. As people, we not only think, we also feel: we care not only about what is happening to our bodies but also what is happening to our souls.

America is not just having problems with what is happening to our economy, our environment, our educational system and so forth. We have a problem with the psychological fabric of our country, as a low level emotional civil war has begun in too many ways to rip us apart.

In order to deal with that, we must address it on the level of our internal being. We don’t normally associate politics with a deep level of our internal existence, but this is the 21st Century now and all of that needs to change.”

The fact alone that someone bringing this kind of narrative into the political agenda is running for the 2020 leadership, fills me with hope, although pinning herself as becoming the leader of America’s moral and spiritual awakening is a sure-fire way to trigger huge resistance from many.

Politics needs the energy of the feminine

The mandate for supporting female leadership within grassroots organisations like Extinction Rebellion, is widely acknowledged. Or take the emergence of TreeSisters, a feminine leadership and tropical reforestation organisation, who donate monthly to fund tree planting in tropical forests who are fast gaining traction and funding. The energy of the feminine in these types of movements is not to be underestimated, but the significance of highlighting this within one of the most toxic masculine arenas - American politics - is even more poignant, as this is where female leadership is most needed and can have the greatest impact.

To be clear, just being a woman does not mean you bring the energy of the feminine in. Teresa May and Sarah Palin are shining examples of this, and Bernie Sanders is a shining example of an old white man fighting for inclusivity with the energy of the feminine.

Acknowledge, celebrate and champion

Let us bear witness to the doom and gloom in the age of Trump, but be sure we pay greater attention to these women - who, like phoenixes, have risen from the ashes of toxic masculinity to champion notions of inclusivity, acceptance and love; to soften the harshness of the political stage - and bring hope.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in particular has found a special place in so many of our hearts and minds, as she represents a fearlessness, realness, and most importantly a human-ness; that we are all yearning for. Her facebook live sessions attract hundreds of thousands of viewers: often the sessions are just her sitting in her flat, repotting a plant, or attempting to put ikea furniture together while discussing the state of the nation, her policies and her hopes. The simplicity of this is so powerful and in turn she imbues integrity, relatability and trust from the people.

It has never been more important to support female leadership in the modern world. Mother Earth has to be the focus right now if we’re going to find a way out of the mess we’ve created and funnily enough women seem to know a thing or two about how we need to get there. We are not going to fight our way out of this impending human disaster with war, money, institutions or separation. I suggest that the only way out is through the power of the feminine, through inclusivity, unification, acceptance and love.


Resistance sparks at El Prat Airport

“Degrowth of Aviation” Conference ends today – Action at Barcelona Airport draws red line for aviation and mass tourism

_All photos by Stay Grounded / Christine Tyler _

This weekend dozens of activists in red suits formed a red line inside the Barcelona’s El Prat Airport in order to protest against the planned airport expansion. “Growth of aviation will fry our planet and worsen the problems of mass tourism in Barcelona”, explains Jaume Osete, one of the Stay Grounded activists. The action coincides with the last day of the conference “Degrowth of Aviation”, organized by the global Stay Grounded network and initiatives in Barcelona and Spain.

Green technologies for aviation will not come to substantial fruition in the next decades ahead, so in order to reduce emissions from aviation we need to reduce aviation itself. Today we draw a red line in order to say: No to growth of aviation and harmful forms of tourism”, says Nuria Blázquez from Stay Grounded. “Especially in countries of the Global North, the number of flights needs to shrink. Flying might seem like a normality to many of us, but on a global level, it is still a privilege for a few: While 80 to 90 percent of the world population have never flown, they bear the brunt of the climate crisis”, says Mira Kapfinger from Stay Grounded.

“We are flying full-speed into climate catastrophe. Flying is not only harmful for the climate: airports create noise and health issues for the local population, as well as to land and justice conflicts”, explains Sara Mingorría from the Environmental Justice Atlas at the University Institute ICTA.

Barcelona – problems of mass tourism will worsen if airport is expanded

More than 23 million visitors and tourists pass through Barcelona each year. Barcelona is the fourth most-visited European city, the first destination of Mediterranean cruise ships and the seventh largest European airport. “In Barcelona, mass tourism propelled by flights leads to worse living conditions for the local population, like rising rent, precarious jobs and people being driven out of their neighbourhoods”, says Daniel Pardo from Assemblea de Barris per un Turisme Sostenible.

82% of tourists arrive in Barcelona by airplane. It is estimated that this leads to 75% of the carbon emissions from tourism in the city. The planned expansion of Barcelona’s airport is designed to create a demand of an additional 25 million passengers (adding up to 70 million passengers). The operation would include the Girona-Costa Brava airport. “Already now, it is impossible to live with the continuous and intense plane noise, especially during the summer. The number of health issues is rising: problems of infertility, high stress levels due to noise and children at school cannot even concentrate”, says a neighbour affected by the airport.

How to reduce aviation? Results of the Stay Grounded Conference

The conference “Degrowth of Aviation” (12th to 14th of July) brought together 150 people from all over the world, without a single flight being taken. Present were social movements and neighbourhood initiatives from Barcelona, scientists, climate activists, feminist initiatives, NGOs, trade unions, and people fighting for alternatives like night trains and sailing ships.

In this conference, seven different possibilities to reduce aviation in a socially just way were discussed: While finally the unjust exemption from kerosene and ticket taxes needs to be cut, additional measures are needed to ensure that flying does not become even more of a privilege of the rich. One proposal is a levy on frequent flyers, meaning that the more someone flies the more taxes they pay. Another is limits on short-haul and domestic flights to reduce unnecessary ones. Last but not least, alternatives to aviation like night trains, ships with renewable propulsion and online conferences should be fostered. Other strategies include stopping airport expansions, and limits to mass tourism. While many of these measures need to be implemented on a policy level, also institutions like universities, municipalities, schools and NGOs can lead the way by changing their travel policies to reduce work travel by plane.

A call to action

The conference ends today with a call to action: “In order to bring about this needed change, a hands-on approach is necessary, and everyone can participate: We need social movements demanding this in the streets, we need direct actions at airports, we need science, institutions, companies and individuals showing the advantages of staying grounded and slow travel, and we need civil society pressuring governments”, concludes Mira Kapfinger from Stay Grounded.

Stay Grounded is a global network to build a socially just and ecologically sound transport system and to rapidly reduce aviation. Almost 200 groups and organizations from all continents support its positions, more than 130 of them are active members.